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Name of school - Ignalina District Vidiškės Gymnasium. Vidiškės Gymnasium - in short.

Address: Ignalinos g. 1A,  Vidiškių k., Vidiškių sen., LT-30234 Ignalinos r. sav.


Tel.: 8 386 4 63 37


Ignalina District Sudividion Mielagėnai of Vidiškės Gymnasium

Address: Mielagėnų mstl., LT-30175 Ignalinos r. sav.


Tel.: 8 386 4 52 40


Study languages - Lithuanian


Head mistress - Jūratė Sveikauskienė, second management category.


The name of the main activity – General Secondary Education.

Purpose - General.




The history of the school started in 1988. The building was completed in 1992 and was opened on 1th September the same year as basic (lower-secondary) school. In 1995 it became secondary school.

After accreditation of secondary education program in April of 2006 Ignalina district council made a decision that on 1th September 2006 Ignalina district Vidiškės secondary school has to become gymnasium.

Since 31th August 2014 Vidiškės gymnasium had 2 subdivisions: Dūkštas and Mielagėnai.

Vidiškės gymnasium-general education school, which practises preparatory, primary, basic (lowerb-bsecondary), secondary, special education, non-formal programmes.

Study forms: Day-time, Individual, At home.

Today our gymnasium has got 187 students: 171 in Vidiškės, and 16 in Mielagėnai.

There are 26 teachers in Vidiškės, 2 teachers in Mielagėnai. Vidiškės gymnasium has got 1 social pedagogue, a speech therapist and community nurse.

Atnaujinta: 2021-10-19